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Фитнесс игра

Участники игры ежедневно в течении месяца получают задания с тренировками и планом питания.

В начале и в конце игры, участники делают фото и в дальнейшем сами же оценивают результаты остальных участников.

Победители получают призы (iPhone X, iPad, Apple Watch и др.)

Lose weight game

FitFrenzyGame is the biggest fitness game that helps to solve several problems at once. The major task is to improve your body shape or even get the body of your dreams. But the main purpose is to give an impetus and make you act!

A pleasant and feasible bonus is a REAL opportunity to win many prizes in the course of the project and at its final stage. Prizes are waiting for those showing the coolest result, and more IMPORTANT the winner is determined by the project participants only. Any cheating is precluded.

The game lasts for 4 weeks. You’ll get a new task every working day. Every Saturday, you’ll get a kick-off task. Those who cannot pass it will leave the project.

The kick-off task is a very important element of the game, it makes a person get involved in the game with more addiction.
FitFrenzyGame gives you a real chance to cheer up and begin to move, to live a full and interesting life, and at the same time get a lot of prizes and positive emotions!

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